Stepping in to Spring, feeling fitter and healthier and taking positive steps forward

What a difference a month makes.

Nikki Young Writes

In January I was lost in a sea of illness and chaos. Thankfully, February sees us fighting fit, even the puppy is back to full health. He’s six months now and has settled down a bit, which makes it easier for me to work at home too.

My Lenten clean eating and sugar fast is going well. I’m sticking to soups during the day, with a full meal in the evening and was pleased that I was able to keep this up during our trip away last week.

#Littleloves - Nikki Young Writes

We went to Bulgaria, our habitual skiiing destination and the fresh air and exercise only added to my new found strength and health. I even came back ready to tackle the next draft of my novel.


I’m kind of taking a step back to do a bit of planning. It’s kind of what should have happened at the beginning, but I know a lot more now than I did back then. It’s about looking deeper in to the structure and focusing on the theme, concept and premise and making sure I have definite roles for my hero and antagonist. It’s surprising how wayward you can get when you are writing a story and if you don’t have this all in place, your story doesn’t have the legs it needs to stand on.

So although I’m not technically doing any writing still, I am getting there, sorting things out in my head and working out how myself and Barnie (that’s the puppy) can come to a compromise about how we spend our day.

I feel February has given me the renewed focus and energy that I needed; what I should have come to the new year with but it didn’t happen that way. I’ve even got my enthusiasm back for getting in the kitchen and creating some recipes. They include ice cream made from coconut milk and a nightshade free Goulash (I love a challenge). Look out for them on my other blog, A Free From Life.

In an ideal world I would spend more time on my fiction work and less time on everything else, whilst in between, creating recipes in my kitchen. However, I have a lot of work being thrown my way at the moment, so it’s all a balancing act really, as is everything in life, I guess.

For now, I don’t know about you, but I’m just happy to be emerging from the darkness of winter. It’s light at 7.30am when my eldest leaves for school and she can get home before the dark sets in. That makes a big difference. You can feel the change in the air.

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16 thoughts on “Stepping in to Spring, feeling fitter and healthier and taking positive steps forward

  1. Oh I totally agree that things feel better once the darkness starts to shift! January is such a tough month in many ways and February is probably a more likely time for some ‘new year’ motivation and inspiration to kick in. Glad you’ve got your bounce back! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting

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  2. Yay! Lighter evenings do make a difference – they even stretch to 6pm now! And it helps to have more light in the mornings too. Skiing in Bulgaria looks lovely, it’s good to hear you had a refreshing break there. And you are still ‘writing’ because planning is an enormous part of the writing!

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  3. Such a lovely positive post 🙂 I was discussing just yesterday with my sister in law how much easier things are getting as we come out of the dark and dismal beginnings of the year… Yay for almost Springtime! I just flicked through your post on skiing in Bulgaria and will definitely go back to it – we’ve been talking about doing a skiing holiday next year, and I’m drawn towards Eastern Europe. Good luck with revitalising the novel now you’re back! xx


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