Friday Fiction – Slumber

Welcome to Friday Fiction, my weekly fiction post. It’s the first Friday of the month (already), so that means it’s link up time too. Please see the blue frog link below and follow the instructions if you would like to add your own fiction piece or book review. I look forward to reading them.

This week, I’m using the prompt word, slumber, as a basis for my piece. This is a stand alone extract written from the point of view of one of the characters in my story. Her name is Aimee and she is a ghost. She doesn’t actually appear in the story itself, but she is at the heart of the tale. This piece may help to explain why.

Slumber: a quiet state of inactivity or rest. Isn’t that how things are supposed to be once you die? But what if you can’t rest? What if there is something you need to do first?

No one knows the danger my sister is in. No one except me and I can’t sit back and let something happen to her. I know I’m not supposed to interfere, not from where I am now, but I have to do something.

I found a way to get through to her, but it’s through her dreams. We ghosts can do that you know. Those dreams you have where you wake up wondering whether it was real. That’s us. The trouble is, Sophie doesn’t realise it’s me trying to get through to her and unless she does, it’s useless. Appearing to her in ghostly form just isn’t acceptable, this isn’t a horror movie it’s real life, not that I know how you do that anyway.

There is another way, though. I heard about a ghost with an open connection. I’m not supposed to contact other ghosts, but this one may be my only hope. She has a connection to a living person – her grandson – and if I can get through to her, there’s a chance she could help me. The only problem is I can’t reach her properly. She can’t hear me. I won’t give up though, not until she realises that I need her help.

Her grandson’s name is Jake. I tried to communicate that to Sophie too: ‘Jake can help you. Trust him.’ I can only hope she understands.

When all this is over, perhaps I can rest. My slumber can begin. Until then, I will keep trying to get my message across and I won’t stop until I know Sophie is safe and the man who killed me is behind bars where he belongs.

Thanks for reading. Here is the blue frog for linking up your own pieces.

Nikki Young Writes

12 thoughts on “Friday Fiction – Slumber

  1. Ah, wonderful to hear Aimee’s perspective and voice! Great bit of background for the main story too 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt. Sorry I don’t have any fiction for you today, but my post explains why!


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