Friday Fiction – Surviving the Winter

This week’s Friday Fiction is inspired by a post I saw last week on Jay C Wolfe’s blog. The challenge was to write a 55 word story in which the first line has ten words, the second has nine, the third eight and so on, ending with just one word.

I wanted to have a go at doing this myself, because it sounded like an interesting challenge. I’ve used Sara’s prompt for this week – Winter – as a starting point.

Let me know what you think. If you have a go at this yourself, tell me how you got on (and even link it up here if you can).

She carries her load through the wind and driving rain,
to her family, cosy and warm in their den,
hoping that it’s enough to feed them all.
They rely on the vixen for food,
so she’ll not sleep this winter.
Food is hard to find,
but she will try.
Until Spring returns
and brings


Nikki Young Writes
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32 thoughts on “Friday Fiction – Surviving the Winter

  1. It was an interesting challenge and I’m really pleased you brought it to my attention as I found it really useful – like a writing work out! You’ve done yours slightly differently to mine in that my lines were all complete sentences (with a bit of creative licence!) and this gives yours a more poetic feel I think. I love the last three lines of this and think they work really well in this format. Well done! I might try this again – or another challenge!


  2. Love this! I especially like how it reads like a poem, since you didn’t use full sentences for every line. Interesting approach to the challenge. Well done! Glad you enjoyed the exercise! 😉


    1. Thanks. It didn’t start out to be poem-like but when you keep running out of words for your sentences, it ends up going in directions you didn’t expect! Thanks for the idea. Looking forward to trying some more of yours.


    1. Really! We have a family of foxes living in a den right out the back by our kitchen. We see the mum and dad every day and witnessed the little ones when they came out for the first time. They are an inspiring little family.


  3. I really like this. The shortening lines give your piece an interesting rhythm – quite a melancholy one, but then that’s contrasted perfectly with the final word being ‘life’. The result is definitely something that sits between poetry and prose. Fab! X


  4. Hi, I’ve just come to your blog via Sara Mummy turned Mom and I am so pleased I did! I love your Winter piece above, especially the last sentence. Brings a bit of hope on this cold, grey day.


  5. PS I’ve just followed you on Twitter and just wanted to mention there’s a typo in your profile “fiction” – I hope you don’t mind me pointing it out, thought you’d probably like to know. Don’t mean to cause offence though!


  6. I thought this challenge sounded so interesting when I saw it last week. It’s amazing how you can tell a complete story in such few lines of text. I found myself being drawn into the story and empathising with the vixen immediately. Fab! x


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