Getting muddy, being sporty and teaching the kids to be safe

Getting muddy, being sporty and teaching our kids to be safe. These are some of the things we are being encouraged to do this week.

I found out about these interesting events, so I thought I’d pass on the information.

They involve children, getting outside and being sporty in general. For anyone with kids, or for those who work with children I think they are worth knowing about.

British Mud Week
The main message of this campaign is to get people outdoors.
Do you think the kids have been watching too much television or playing too many computer games recently?
This is your chance to show them that they can have just as much fun outside. It won’t take them long to remember this once you convince them to give it a try.




National School Sports Week
Can you get the kids to clock up 5 hours of sporting activities this week? This can include school PE time as well as extra curricular classes. We have sports days and district sports events coming out of our ears this week. I think we might be ok on this one.




Child Safety Awareness Week
Use this week as a good excuse to remind your children of potentially unsafe situations. Talk to them about road safety when you’re walking to school. Remind them of safe play when they are out with their friends or in the garden. The particular focus of this week’s campaign is accidents that can happen in the home during the morning rush.
For more information about child safety and tips for what to teach your children, refer to these articles:
Safety tips your kids should be aware of
Teach your kids to be safe on and off line




Hope this gives you a few ideas for things to do this week. Whatever you are up to, have a good one!


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