Hands-on farm experience at Ladyland Farm

Ladyland Farm in Horley, Surrey, calls itself ‘the living classroom’. Open during term time for school visits and birthdays only, it aims to create a hands-on farm experience geared specifically to the ages of the visitors.


For the reception children on their school trip, this meant marching around the farm with Farmer Jackie whilst singing farm related songs. Each type of animal was visited and fed, along with interesting facts being told and questions asked and answered, capped off with a tractor ride courtesy of Farmer Philip!

And how could you not fall in love with these:




The farm itself, set against the backdrop of a Tudor farmhouse, is no longer a working farm. The staff are qualified teachers, who provide lively and interesting guided tours, in accordance with the National Curriculum. They can take visitors back to farming during Tudor times or the Second World War with their history re-enactment or they can cover science topics like food chains and evolution, for example. Birthday parties include feeding the animals and collecting the eggs, etc.

The children had an amazing time and I would thoroughly recommend it. The staff are dedicated professionals and are fantastic with the children. There is also an exceptional level of hygiene that all visitors must adhere to.

I’m writing about this visit because Ladyland Farm is open to the public during the school summer holidays. So if you live in the greater London, Surrey or Kent areas then I urge you to take it in to consideration as somewhere to visit during August.



14 thoughts on “Hands-on farm experience at Ladyland Farm

    1. Yes the re enactment days sound really good actually. They said that farming in the Second World War was very similar to back in Tudor times and they can show farming techniques from those times.


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