Crazy boy antics

My five year old son is the joker of our household. He makes us laugh on a daily basis with his crazy, typical cheeky boy antics. His latest thing is to create characters using his clothes.


Oh my goodness did I laugh when I saw the strategic placement of the toy cat.

‘It’s a willy,’ he informed me, chuckling away to himself.
‘So it’s a boy character then?’ I asked him.

Thank goodness we confirmed that one, as I really didn’t want to ask him why his character had a furry pussy!

Kids eh? Why do things always have to come down to the rude bits?!



13 thoughts on “Crazy boy antics

  1. I think you may have just made me spit out my coffee. Hilarious. Hahahah Yes glad it was a boy character then! hahahahah Funny indeed! #wotsofunee


  2. haha!! My lo is obsessed with informing people ‘you are a girl so you have a minnie’ ‘you are a boy so you have a winkie like daddy!’ I never know what to say, I just turn a deep shade of pink!


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