When did we stop doing cartwheels?

We were out in the garden enjoying the sunshine the other day when my sister asked, could I still do a cartwheel. I laughed as I recalled the last time I had tried to do one. It was a few years ago and my elder daughter, who was around five at the time, had asked if I could teach her.

‘Of course,’ I replied, ‘I’m brilliant at cartwheels.’

But when I proceeded to demonstrate, I felt a rip and emerged having pulled a muscle or three in my thighs. I was deeply shocked and upset that I was unable to do something that had always come so naturally. In fact, there was a time when I would readily cartwheel at any and every given opportunity.

You often see young girls, in particular, practising cartwheels, wherever there is space to do so. It’s like an itch that you can’t help but scratch, something that you are unable to stop yourself from doing. I was exactly the same, be it cartwheels, handstands or leapfrog and remember being around the age of eighteen and still randomly leaping over bollards when out and about.

But there must have come a time when I stopped doing all that. When it just didn’t seem acceptable anymore. And what a shame that I did. Wouldn’t it be great be able to just do a random cartwheel whilst out taking a walk in the park?

Inspired by this thought and also by my gymnastics crazy daughter, I recently proved to myself that I can still do a headstand and a handstand against the wall. I daren’t try the cartwheel though, after last time, but I’m content with what I can still achieve. Not bad for a thirty something year old is it?!



12 thoughts on “When did we stop doing cartwheels?

  1. Oh I used to love doing cartwheels, I remember one summer when I used to do them over and over, all around the garden! I did try recently and all I did was give myself a headache, I wish I still could!


  2. I can still manage a cartwheel still. Somersaults make me dizzy though… I tried that while teaching my daughter to do one a few years ago – ugh! I don’t think I could do a headstand anymore. I will have to try!

    All those physical challenges are such an important, fun bit of growing up!


    1. Go you. I would have to warm up for an hour before even attempting! What do you mean be somersaults? As in a forward roll on the ground. We’re not talking flips on the trampoline here are we?!


  3. Totall with you girls! I did them untill I was 30!!! But not veey gracefully though 😅 I was in good shape even though I was’nt the best gymnast as a child (my mom only encouraged my other now much hated sister to become one ochhhh) hey donno if this site is active but whoever reads this…could you start a cartwheel or summersult challenge online for over 35ers???? That would be so cooooool! No lyability for injuries though 😂😊😘 xoxo from now sunny Israel (am allergic to sirect sunrays so I wish it was cloudy)


    1. Thank you for stopping by and yes, this blog is still very much active. I don’t know about cartwheel challenges though. I’m 40 now and still scared stiff of attempting them (even more so)!


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